Haircuts with Darwin Style

Ally’s Barber Shop in Nightcliff is a must-go must-do barbers for all discerning gents who want the latest hair styles, beard and tracks fashions without the big city prices. And even if you’re not too bothered about the latest hair cut styles, it’s still a great barber shop for anyone who wants a great, professionally-cut hairstyle without the fluff and frills that go hand in hand with ‘themed’ (comedy) salons.

Kathy and the crew at Ally’s Barber Shop love challenges, so if you ask them for any of the following hair cuts, you won’t be disappointed with the results. They also know exactly what you’re after (or will find out) if you’re asking for a ‘fresh salad’, ‘hipster cut’ or ‘razor fade’.

Haircuts and Styles at Ally’s Barber Shop

  • Hair tracks (or hair tattoos)
  • Rugby cut (shaved fringe and mohawk at the back) – Not a Stephen Moore look
  • Mohawk or mohican (shaved sides with a strip on top) – It’s a great look for men and boys who have heaps of attitude and confidence
  • Traditional short back ‘n’ sides (also known as a taper cut!) – tidy and neat at the back and sides with longer hair at the front. The name gives it away
  • Hipster cut – A comb over with a side part. THE look for 2015 and perhaps 2016 too.
  • Defence cut – Get the whole platoon down here to make sure their hair does not touch the bottom of a fully buttoned shirt collar. Yessir!
  • Fresh salad cut – The salad is basically a normal short haircut and then at the back the hair is shaved. At the front the hair sticks up a bit – it’s cooler than Tintin
  • Lines – Shaved lines that can go with almost any other style. Often shaved into the side of the hair
  • Fades – A lot of barbering goes into creating these looks. Easy care and very stylish at the moment, a fade is done with clippers with hair stopping around the ear mark and ‘fading’ out towards the base of the neck. Can go as light as skin (skinfade) or razor length (razor fade)
  • Flat top – You know this one, hair on the top of the head is usually standing upright and cut to form a flat-appearing deck. Popular with the forces.
  • Also asked for on the odd occasion – slick backs, pomps and quiffs!